Saturday, January 12, 2013

TTA Surgery, Weeks 4-5

Last week, I took a 5.5 hr trip to visit with Holly's canine physical therapist for her 4-week checkup.

More driving...hooray.

She passed with flying colors and the PT felt that Holly was ahead of the game in recovery. She has nearly 100% range of motion back and we'll continue to work on those exercises once per day. I also have new exercises that will help increase her balance and strength...walking over an inflatable mattress, 3-legged stands, sit-to-stands on flat ground, and walking over a make-shift ladder laid on the ground. Once we hit week 6 I can increase all these things from once to 2x per day. She can also now do stairs...just a few, very slowly and controlled. I can increase her walks 5 minutes per week, so by the time we go back for her 8-week x-rays we should be up to 40 minute walks 3x per day. Of course, that’s IF the weather cooperates...the other day it rained on top of 2+ feet of snow. Fun. And now it’s snowing and 16 degrees. More fun.

And since a blog post just isn’t complete without a picture, and since Holly WILL NOT let me take a picture of her doing the rehab exercises yet, here’s one of me snowshoeing...without Holly.

I hit the creek trail by my house, and it was quiet and beautiful. Playing in the snow just doesn’t seem right without a dog by your side, but I tried to enjoy the hike anyways. I can’t wait til the girl can join me on the trail again.

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