Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Camera Shy and 1/52

My dog hates cameras. They are little black boxes of beeping, light flashing, pointed-in-her face rudeness. But now that I actually own my own digital camera again, she'll just have to get over that. The second she hears the camera come out and turn on, she leaves the room.
I'm outta here

Only with much coaxing and promises of food, will she return. But she's skeptical.

Therefore, attempting to do a 52 weeks in pictures project with her as my subject may be my greatest training challenge yet. Outside shots are easier right now and she looks a little less here's my 1/52 weeks. I wanted to document the actual sun I saw New Years Day. See the shadow? Despite all the clouds, sun peeked out from behind them several times yesterday...sun is a rarity in winter around here. I also wanted to document her knee surgery before all her hair grows back.
1/52 Weeks 2013. Holly says goodbye to 2012.


Sue said...

I have one like that. Tess tries to hide behind me when she sees the camera. She's the only one, most of the others are real hams.

We are... said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a dog who thinks the camera is a little black box of evil!