Saturday, January 19, 2013

3/52 Winter Sun

It's hard to take even remotely decent pictures of a dog that can't go anywhere (fun), can't do anything (fun), and can't be off a 6-ft leash (no fun). Not to mention everytime you point the camera at said dog, she looks away, leaves the room or paces in agitation because you won't let her walk away. Sigh. I'm working on it. However, even juicy steak hasn't yet convinced her that the little black, blinky box isn't going to steal her soul.

As for the header photo...her smile was captured between barks...many, many, many barks. It's about the only way I can get her to smile for a photo.

That said, she didn't give me the "I hate you" look when I took her outside today to soak up some sun. That's right...SUN. We had some. It's rare. We loved it.

So, not exactly the "I hate you" look for our 3/52 photo...but certainly no smile either.

3/52 Winter Sun


Muttsandaklutz said...

Oh jeez... that doesn't sound like fun at all -- Poor her, but poor you too! Hope the rest of her recovery will go smoothly so you both can get back to normal life again soon!

Kim said...

Thanks! We are definitely looking forward to getting back to 'normal' soon.