Monday, February 6, 2017

Epic Snow

This weekend we got dumped on. The official weekend snow total for Libby this was 32". Being at the base of the Cabinet Mtns I got a little more than that...somewhere between 36-40" in just 2 days. It took me around 16hrs over 3 days to get all the snow moved that needed moving...all by hand. Ouch.

My fenced in back yard. Can you see my 4-foot high fenceline? Yeah, neither can I

A peek at the deep snow on my neighbors garage roof.

I got lucky. My 10-yr old snow shovel didn't break until the very end of today. I was also lucky that I bought the very last 2 shovels that our little town store had.

The snow is so deep that in un-shoveled or un-plowed areas it's belly button deep. I'll be working hard this week to walk down my snowshoe paths so the dogs can get around somewhere besides the driveways and roads. It's been decades since this area has had so much snow delivered all at once.

My shoulders are exhausted from so much shoveling over the last 3 days. I admit it was lovely to shovel in the bright beautiful sunshine today. But of course, now that I'm snuggled in for the night with a cup of hot tea, it just started snowing again.