Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pure Genius

THE one most useful thing, ever, for a dog recovering from knee surgery...a dog harness with a handle!
A dog with a handle...well, that's handy.

 Holly's at 6.5 weeks post surgery and so I'm careful to not pull on her body while we are walking, especially with all the snow and ice we have, lest she slip and fall. And, Holly cannot pull on her leash for the same reason (not to mention it's also bad manners). So, what do I do when we are out walking and she gets all goofy? 

Oh and trust me...with 2 months of NO real exercise, there is plenty of goofy to go around.

I simply grab her handle and lift her off her feet. Sucks for her, but goofiness over. And if it's not, I just lift her a little higher and tuck her under my arm, and then walk away from what ever is making her goofy.

While she may be nearly 24" tall at the shoulder, she's a freak of nature and only weighs 40lbs. So, it helps that she's super light for lifting, and just tall enough that you don't have to bend over to grab the handle. Honestly, this harness was just meant for a dog like her. I lift her straight into the ramp her up the stairs, and stop her from being all goofy and has so many uses!

A dog with a handle...pure genius.

Let go of my handle bitch

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