Friday, January 25, 2013


It's been a busy week for Holly. She did really well this week with her knee surgery recovery...remaining sound and balancing very evenly on all 4 legs while standing at rest, even after I upped her exercise routine. That was, until yesterday.

For those of you who don't know, Holly had TTA knee surgery on her right knee on December 4, 2012 after a partial tear of her ACL and meniscus damage in early November. So, she's just past the 7.5 week post-surgery mark...and still has a long way to go.

I was gone for a good 8 hrs yesterday so she spent most of the day in her crate/x-pen bedroom.

Holly's Bedroom

I did her PT exercises and her walk before I left for the day, then again when I got home last night. But, she was nuts. And because she was feeling really crazy, she ended up doing something to her leg...or maybe she just had too much exercise combined with too much rest...or maybe it was because she LAUNCHED herself at the neighbor to say hi while we were out walking. Have I mentioned how much I love the handle on her harness? Her greeting skills have deteriorated into an abysmal she launched herself at the poor man, while on an icy, snowy road. Thank goodness I had my hand on that about catching her in mid-spring!

Well, whatever it was, it made her lame last night. Fortunately, she rested and stretched out of it which is very good means it's soft tissue related and not the bone. Phew!

She seems to do better when she can get a little exercise every few hours, instead of have 8 hours of rest while I'm at work. So today I brought her to work. And lucky her, she'll go in to work with me all next week too.

I work at the best office ever, with the best people ever. I put up a baby gate in the doorway of my really small office (it's more like a closet with a window), and every time someone would walk by they'd stop to peek in on Holly. We got a lot of traffic today.

She's a super easy dog...sleeps on her bed quietly, or chews on a bully stick, but never makes a peep. She adores people...seriously, she has no idea what a "stranger" I don't have to worry about people stopping to pet her. It's also a small office...there are maybe 15 of us spread out over 3 buildings with only 6 of us in my building. The offices are old houses, so the design is a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. And also fortunately, Holly loves coming to work with me...despite not getting to run around the place and bark at the fish and ducks whenever she wants. Yes, that's right, my dogs barks at fish. I'll save that explanation for another post.

So, this week I documented more of her recovery from surgery by taking lots of pictures of her hanging out with me in my small office.

3/52: Office Life Is Boring

If I can ever figure out how to post video, I'll post some of her PT exercises and the fun tricks she's learning during her recovery.


Ximena said...

What a luxurious bedroom! Elli gets her spotted blanket in her kennel with a k-pad. Elli can and will jump her ex-pen, there's not even a hint of a chance that I would set that up for Elli.

To post video, in editing, click the film marker button. It'll pop up and ask how you want to add video:
1) via your youtube
-- must be linked to same account you use to blog via username/email
-- must upload directly to youtube FIRST
-- then go into blog post edit mode, click the film marker, select "from my youtube videos" and it should show up at the top (if it's a new video, if it's older, you'll have to find it).

2) uploaded from computer
-- has a size limit, I think.
-- quality suffers
-- not everyone can view it

I usually use the youtube option, even though you kinda have to do a big work-around.

Kim said...

Thanks for the tips! I haven't messed with YouTube before, but now is as good a time as any to give it a whirl.

Fortunately, the x-pen is 4-ft tall AND Holly is scared it will fall or make noise if she touches it. So I never have to worry about her trying to get out or putting her paws on it, cause it makes an awesome Sx recovery area for her.

Muttsandaklutz said...

I can imagine how your heart must have skipped a beat seeing her limp again -- what a relief that it was something unrelated.

And yes, you *do* work at the best office ever, with the best people ever! So awesome that you're able to bring her in with you.