Saturday, February 9, 2013

The End of an Era

Can you guess what's missing?

If you guessed the 16 yr old Chevy Blazer that I've been trying to sell for the last 3 months in order to pay for Holly's knee surgery, then you'd be right.


I was both very happy and a wee bit sad today. Our family purchased that Blazer 16 yrs ago for our horses...for our 2 beautiful TB's, Nick and Billy, who died in 2003 and 2004.

My sisters boy, Nick at 20+ something years old

My beautiful Billy, also at 20+ something years old

I also thought of the Blazer as Casey's car...she rode around in it in her crate when she was a pup during a time when I tried to make her be my mom's dog (Casey was certain that wasn't true...I was hers!). Casey died last year.

A happy Casey

It was also Foley's very different cat Foley.  He went nearly everywhere with Casey, and he did it in style...riding on top of Casey's crate in the Blazer. Foley died before I moved to where we live now.

My little buddy Foley...he had a face only a mother could love.

Selling the Blazer today was the end of an Era. It was one last "thing" that connected all of my former 4-legged friends together in one place. I kinda feel like I'm embarking on a new journey with new (or newer) 4-legged friends, and with certainly a newer vehicle.

Nostalgia aside, to help celebrate my new ability to pay off Holly's veterinary bill, I went for a walk with my friend and her 2 awesome dogs, Raj and Jubilee.

Raj...aka Casanova

Sweet, sweet Jubilee

My friend has been working very hard training both dogs...Raj gets over-stimulated when he sees other dogs, or when doesn't get to visit people (especially when he thinks he absolutely should). And Jubilee has some fear issues with strange people. So we went out on the parks walking trails hoping to get some good training moments for them. We did. And all 3 of them are doing awesome :)

Then it was Holly's turn for a walk. Because she is only going on short walks and I'm trying to keep her arousal level down, she couldn't walk with Raj and Jubilee earlier...which is sad, because she loves Raj. Actually, all the ladies love Raj, but Holly's pretty certain that he hung the moon just for her.

For now, she walks alone. But hopefully she'll be able to join her friends soon.


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Muttsandaklutz said...

Oh wow... quite the history tied to that vehicle. I'm a sucker for feeling nostalgic and would be feeling the same way as you. Beautiful photos of your old friends...