Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happier Days

Office Holly is enjoying office life.

Life has been more comfortable for Holly since yesterday. We were so very lucky to get an appointment with our other vet for chiropractic and acupuncture care on very short notice. We were there for over an hour and Holly got the works. She's never had acupuncture before, but she clearly enjoyed it and fell asleep a few minutes into her first experience with needles. I brought my camera to take pictures...but I forgot and left it in the car. Next time.

I did some shopping and took Holly for a short walk before making the drive home (the vet is 1.5 hrs away...our nearest next town). It was amazing...she was already walking without a limp and striding out with her right hind leg much more comfortably. So awesome.

It's wonderful that she's so at ease at the vet office...which is important since their lobby area is super tiny and really hard for a "dog-in-need-of-space" from other dogs. Generally, she's fine with other dogs, but she has a very clear bubble that I protect so she doesn't have to. All the hours we spend on training really show when we are there...playing the "there's a dog in your face" game, the "look at that" game, being able to lie down on her side happily when asked, rolling over when asked, moving her body while lying down without her feeling tense, or heading off into another room with any of the veterinary staff without me...all while remaining trusting and relaxed. More awesomeness.

Yesterday and today she looked great. She has a nice quiet week ahead of her, but she clearly feels much, much better. A healthier, happier Holly...that makes me smile :)

I had fun today with my camera at the office...it has some fun features but I liked the Vibrant Colors and Miniature modes the best...

My office might be small (think closet space), but it's cozy and Holly just fits inside. We'll be enjoying the whole week together in our tiny space, entering last years data. It's a tedious and boring task, but Office Holly makes office life enjoyable.


Muttsandaklutz said...

Love your screensaver :-)

Glad things are going well!

Kim said...

Can you tell I like that smilin' face of her's ;)

KB said...

It sounds like you an I use very similar training methods but Holly is much more advanced than my dog, Shyla.

We've seen great effects of acupuncture for our dogs. I hope that it continues to help Holly!

Kim said...

It's been a real saver for helping Holly heal...I'm a new believer!

Thanks! I'll post soon some of the training I do to help Holly's space issues.