Sunday, February 10, 2013

Morning Walks

Holly and I have been on a winter walking adventure. I live outside of town, or rather, above it. Usually I prefer to hike around our mountains foothills close to the house...I am fortunate to have very few neighbors and to live next to National Forest land. But since Holly's surgery, I've had to find new, flat and snow/ice-free places to walk Holly. So into town we went. I've found several really beautiful walking trails, that are paved and ice-free, around our main river. This mornings walk was particularly nice...completely void of other people, clear blue skies and a warm morning sun.

Our small town is situated in a narrow mountain valley. In the winter we experience many, many, many days of fog and inversions, which hide the sun for all but maybe 1 hour per day. It feels somewhat dismal at times. So getting a beautiful blue sky day like today makes you want to spend all day outside...til the freezing temperatures reminds you that it's still winter. It's a day like today that Holly and I would normally be out snow shoeing in the mountains all day...but we'll have to reserve that for next winter. For now, we're enjoying some new adventures in pavement walking.

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