Saturday, February 14, 2015

October Agility and a Super Speedy Quick Update

It's been awhile...again. But before I talk about the most recent news, I thought I would do a brief update since September.

In October, the girls and I played at our local agility trial. This was Little Dog's first time in Novice, but I kept her in Intro for Regular since she wasn't ready to test her weaving skills at a trial yet. What a fun weekend it was. I had only planned on spending one day there, but I had so much fun at the clubs new trial location that I went back for more the next day. It was a great new arena in a beautiful location. I truly hope that all future Glacier Chasers trial will be held in this gorgeous spot.

Holly and I had some great runs, and some happy train wrecks. I am truly thankful for each and every run we had together that weekend.

Danee continued to surprise me with her confidence and enthusiasm with this game. All weekend she was the happy little forest sprite she is when we play at home.

Photo by Joe Fisher, thanks Joe!

We spent the rest of the fall hiking nearly every day...

We got a massive cold snap in November that had all the animals searching for the best warm spot in the house...

My sister and her dogs visited for Christmas and we had a great time together. The dogs even got US a gift...they made us Paw Print Paintings.


The last few months of 2014 were great. We spent tons of time outside, got in lots of hikes and generally life was good :)

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