Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3 Down, 15 To Go

Last week, Holly started daily radiation treatment for her cancer. Treatments are every weekday for 3.5 weeks. Last week was the 0.5 portion...just Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This week is the first long one...every week day.

When I decided to try this treatment, I was worried it was the wrong decision for her...that she would find the treatment miserable...that going to the veterinary teaching hospital every damn day for three and a half weeks, would be too hard for her...that living out of a motel room during the week and traveling home on weekends would be frustrating for her.

When I finally stopped all my worrying and fretting, I realized that all of this will be much harder on me, than it will be on her. And last week she reminded me of how well adjusted and well rounded she is :)

The daily treatments are extremely low stress, and so far they seem easier for her than getting her blood drawn. I won't say she enjoys it or even going to the hospital each day, but she is handling it very, very well so far.

Motels...she's totally cool with them. She's always been very relaxed when we travel away from home, for whatever reason. She loves going to new places and getting to pee on new things...she's a marker and revels in peeing her way around a park or neighborhood.

My stress level has been a little different. But after doing the first 3 days and seeing how relatively easy it was for her, I've been feeling better. It helped that I found a really nice city park we can walk to right from the motel in the mornings...

...and two large county parks we can hike at in the evenings. I'll get some pictures of those this week. Hiking...we both need our regular fix to stay sane.

I'm still working during all this, so last week Holly and I had a "business lunch" together after her treatment. The burger was hers...she had to share the fries ;)

We'll see how this week goes. I can only think as far as Friday...we just need to get through the week together and stay sane!

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