Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beyond Halfway

Tuesday we reached the halfway point of Holly’s treatments. We still have treatments every day the rest of this week and next. Until yesterday, her energy level remained fairly normal, aside from a little travel fatigue. But yesterday she crashed and pretty much slept all day. I suspect this will be more the norm for her until radiation treatments are over. So I'm really glad that we got out as often to hike and walk in some beautiful places. I wanted to make some happy memories. I don't want to look back and only remember the daily radiation visits to the veterinary hospital. 

So while she had the energy, we went exploring...

The top of Kamiak Butte

Ridge line running at Kamiak Butte

Who knew agricultural fields could be so pretty

She will pose anywhere for the promise of a cookie

Ski trails at Kamiak Butte

Phillips Farm Park

On the weekends we are at home and we do much of the same...

Fortunately, I don't think the actually tore her left CCL on our hike 2 weekends ago. Since then, I've been preventing her from jumping anywhere and have lifted her where needed instead (hence why she's wearing her lifting harness a lot in the photos). That seems to have helped because she hasn't favored it much since. Fingers crossed that it will continue to heal itself.

But now that we are 6 treatments away from being done with radiation, she is doing mostly this...

She still feels good, but she tires more easily. I can't wait for this chapter to be done in our life. Next week I learn more about the next chapter...monitoring and possibly metronomic chemotherapy.

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KB Bear said...

I found the same thing with Angel K... the radiation takes a greater toll as time goes on. We did metronomic chemo without any hitches (K tolerated it perfectly). I don't know if Holly's regime would be similar but our experience was good. (And remember that K's cancer type was not considered curable, unlike Holly's).

Not too many treatments to go!