Friday, December 4, 2015

Hairless Dogs Need Winter Coats

Okay, so technically Danee isn't a hairless dog. But she may as well be considering how much she loathes the cold weather. As a result, Danee has many winter coats...6 of them. I've a hard time finding coats that actually fit her AND allowed her to move freely while running through the woods. She is deep but narrow chested, with a long back and a wasp waist. Plus she has very thin hair on her chest and belly which makes her cold even when wearing a traditional horse-style coat. The result was that I ended up with several coats of varying styles that kinda fit, but not really, or in one case, it fits but it's simply not warm enough.

The coat is too tight in the chest and not warm enough

This one is plenty warm but doesn't cover her belly

This one was too large and she swam in it.

(Pinkie and The Brain) This coat fits well, but the belly band pops open when she runs through the woods.

This coat is too large on her for hiking in the woods

This one is very warm, but doesn't fit her chest impedes her forward leg movement while running.

A friend recently mentioned that Hurtta was discontinuing one of the winter coats and there were sales all over the place for them. I was going to forgo buying standard styles and just order her a custom dog coat, but I was curious so I looked up all the measurements and found that their size 12 might actually fit her.

Lo and behold, it FITS! I'm happy to have finally found her a coat that will keep her warm and stay on properly while she runs hell's bells though the woods on our winter hikes.

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