Saturday, June 15, 2013

Time Rambles On

We've reached a new normal, and I love it.

Next week will be 7 months post TTA surgery and Holly looks awesome. She has no restrictions at all...she wrestles, runs, hikes, and generally beats the crap out of her body and has remained utterly and totally sound! Because of the spondlyosis in her back I'll continue to treat her for arthritis, and have chiro adjustments and acupuncture done every 3 months. It amazes me that her problems all of last year (mostly iliospoas issues) were all connected to her unstable knee.

Holly's favorite yard pastime...rolling on a dead worm

Little Danee is loving summer. Summer time means warmer days, and warmer days means the dogs get to stay out in the yard all day long while I'm at work. I am truly fortunate to live in a place where I can do this...leave the dogs outside all day in their fenced yard...worry free. Initially Danee didn't think it was okay to be out in the yard without me. But now she insists on going out after breakfast and spending the early morning soaking up the sun while I get ready for work. She hasn't mastered the dog door into the basement yet, so I have to leave the door open. It's nice and cool down there, and they have many comfy beds to sleep on down there when they decide to take a break from all the glorious sunshine.

Her favorite sun baking spot. Well, it was...until I planted strawberries in it!

Summertime also means a busy work schedule for me. Actually, it's not so much of a "schedule" at all since I'm on call to work as-needed, and I also put in a regular 40-hr work week. It means that some days are short, quiet and I get to spend a lot of time with the dogs. And other days, I work 14+ hours and, aside from popping in on the dogs to let them in the house or feed them, I don't get home until after 11pm...which pretty much summed up my life this past week. Unfortunately, the dogs haven't mastered doing laundry, making me dinner or cleaning the house while I'm gone, so weeks like that can be tiresome when nothing gets done while you are out working.

We are unimpressed with your work schedule...

If the pictures of Danee (aka Little Bit, Wee One, Small, Tiny or Short Stuff) in the planter or sitting next to Holly didn't give you a perspective on just how small she really is, here's a picture of her napping with Kya. Aside from her girth, Kya is a petite cat, weighing in around 9 lbs.

And lastly, since it's Saturday, let me share some information for one of our long-timer girls at the Kootenai Pets for Life shelter. "Long-timer" as in she's been in and out of our shelter since 2010.

Meet Spud :)
Who knew Yoda played with toys?

Spud is a lovely Bully girl, but no one seems to want her. Our small town has a BSL (breed specific law) and bans any and all bully breeds in city limits. This has sown fear and mistrust in Bully Breeds here and it's unlikely that poor Spud will be adopted locally. I'm working on getting her information out to social networks to get her adopted out elsewhere, so please pass on her information to help her find a home.

She enjoys killing squeakie fact, she didn't want to give this toy up until I traded it for a hotdog...playing fetch, snuggle time and going for walks. She's one of our sweetest shelter girls. Admittedly, she's learned a few bad shelter habits...barking at people to get what she wants (Bark, Bark "Give me a cookie dammit!"), and entertaining herself by fence running. But she's a really bright girl and I have no doubt that these will disappear with the one-on-one time she'll get in a home.

Know someone who could help Spud? Here's her PetFinder information and contact information for the Kootenai Pets for Life shelter in Libby, Montana.


KB Bear said...

It looks beautiful there. I love that photo of Holly in the forest with the flowers.

Rolling on a dead worm? Really? Made me laugh!

Kim said...

Springtime here is gorgeous :) I only wish I was the photographer that you are!

Yup, a dead worm. She sniffs them out in the yard, picks them up, carries them to a choice spot, then rolls away. She's weird, I know.