Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shelter Dog Saturday - Meet Susie Q!

8/14/13: Update: Susie was adopted to a wonderful couple in Canada. Congratulations Susie on your forever home!

07/05/13 Update: Susie is one lucky girl...she was recently transferred to the Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter in Eureka, MT in the hopes that one of the many great people of Canada might be interested in this sweet, sweet hound. If you know someone interested in Sweet Susie, please contact the Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter here.

I've been feeling sad today. Sad because I really miss Casey. And sad because a friend of mine lost her elderly girl today. She was a wonderful dog and an exceptional therapy dog...always able to put a smile on kids faces :) My heart goes out to my friend. Young or old, losing your friend always hurts like hell. Rest in peace Kali.

So today, in Kali's name, I'm going to tell you about another lovely that really needs to get out of the shelter and into a home of her own.

Meet Susie!

Susie is a spayed, 5-yr old, purebred Treeing Walker Coonhound, and she is as affectionate as the description of the breed claims them to be.

Shelter life has been difficult for Susie. She doesn't much like being among all the constant action and noise. She'd sure like to be in a nice quiet home and have a stable life again. Her former owner kept her as an outdoor dog, so she was never taught to be housebroken. But she's a very bright girl and I have no doubt she'll pick up on the proper manners for living the indoor life very easily.

Susie wants to be indoors or with people when she can. She enjoys walks, has excellent leash manners, and I think she'd make a really good jogging partner. She's proven to be great with kids and other dogs, however I'm uncertain what her feelings on cats are. Today my friend and I spent some time with Susie and getting some pictures of this pretty girl. She really enjoyed just spending one-on-one time with us...time away from all the other barking dogs, sniffing all the great new smells and just hanging out in the yard.

If you know someone who would be interested in Susie, you can find more about her on the Kootenai Pets for Life Petfinder page here, or go here to find other great dogs and cats that are in need of good homes.

Susie is up for adoption at the Kootenai Pets for Life animal shelter in Libby, Montana.

Kootenai Pets for Life is a non-profit, no-kill, all volunteer animal shelter whose mission is to help the stray and abandoned pets in the Libby and Troy, Montana area. Kootenai Pets for Life can be contacted via phone at 406-293-5735 or via email at


KB Bear said...

What a good way to deal with feeling sad. I understand that, and I'm so sorry that you're feeling sad about Casey.

I love hounds, and I hope that Susie finds a home soon! (We once found a wayward bear-hunting hound in the Utah mountains who looked a lot like Susie. He was a sweetie but his owner tracked him down via the gps collar he was wearing).

Kim said...

Thanks KB. As I'm sure you know, the sadness comes and goes, but doing things like volunteering at my shelter help :)

I hope Susie finds someone soon too...she's one of the sweetest hounds I've met.