Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Muckin' Around the Woods

The last few weeks have finally slowed down and, despite the rain and lack of daylight, I have found my way out of my work truck and back to the woods. With her bum knee, Holly can't hike for too long but we are enjoying every little moment we can find out there. She's also starting to show a lowered white blood cell count due to the oral chemo, so I have to be careful where I let her off leash. She's infamous for finding rotten deer legs in the woods and then refusing to give them up. She really can't afford to be making herself sick over rotten festering wild meat these days...or any day for that matter. When it comes to things she finds in the woods, her 'Leave It' has always been broken. Sigh.

Winter is finally starting to show itself...Danee's readily lets me know that it's "too cold for a walk" by refusing to leave the yard, especially if I haven't put a coat on her. Wussy dog ;)

All 4 critters went to the vet last week for their annual exam and blood work. Kitties liked the trip not at all. Poor kitties. It's hard to realistically prepare them for an hour plus drive to the vet. Kya is perfect, as is Danee. Kettle has low potassium and her blood work showed how traumatic the whole event was for her. Poor Kettle took a few days to recover from it all.

Holly still looks great. Her knee isn't really healing, but despite that it's quite stable and she only limps on it at night. So we're just going to continue with what we've been doing...shortened walks/hikes and on leash as often as is practical for her brain and happiness, NSAID's at night when she shows me she's sore, and acupuncture every 2-4 weeks. Her WBC is getting progressively lower, but it's not low enough to change her oral chemo drug regime yet. She is still doing wonderfully on the oral chemo...aside from the decreased WBC, which affects her outwardly not at all. And still no visible sign of the sarcoma tissue returning in that leg. However...she has been licking that leg recently, so something may be happening there that we just can't detect yet.


KB Bear said...

I'm so glad that things are still going so well for Holly. Yay! I missed the "knee injury" but I hope it's not slowing her down too much. And I am so glad that the metronomic chemo is doing its job!!!!

Big smiles to all of you!

Kim said...

Thanks KB Bear! Holly finally tore her left CCL. She had been trying to really injure it since February, but it didn't actually tear until a few months ago. Oh well. It only bothers her in the evening and has slowed her down not at all. So we are just trucking along, enjoying life as best as we can :)