Thursday, June 11, 2015

In The Clear!

Yesterday Holly got chest X-rays. It was part of the monitoring the oncology vet recommended to determine if the cancer we killed ended up spreading to her lungs despite our best efforts to prevent it. So far, she's in the clear! The leg looks good and the X-rays were clean. We can finally take a break from our frequent vet visits and wait a whole 6 months before checking her again! Bring on a worry free summer, I'm ready! 

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KB Bear said...

Wonderful happy news!!!!! I know you'll enjoy the summer together.

I have a question for you - I noticed in your post about agility that you have a style of handling that I'd like to emulate. You appeared to have great distance control with Holly, where you could direct her without having to run by her side (so many handlers seem to run next to their dogs).

I don't compete with Shyla but we have a backyard agility course. She has suddenly become extremely fast on the course, whipping through the weave poles and taking all the other obstacles fast (and accurately). With my bad spine, there's no way I can keep up with her.

Do you have any suggestions of stuff I could read or watch to learn more about handling from a distance like you appeared to be doing in your video? I thought I'd ask just in case you have a favorite book or DVD. Thanks!