Friday, May 8, 2015

Hiking Buddies

I take the dogs hiking, or at least on a ramble through the forest, almost daily as our primary source of fun and exercise. Holly is still trying to recover back to her pre-radiation level of fitness, so for the last month I've been keeping it longer than 2 hours, and changing what kind of terrain we hike on each day...trails, hillsides, uphill, closed forest roads, etc. She's slowly gaining her stamina back, but with it come the aches and pains of getting back into shape. Danee, on the other hand, is one lean mean fit machine, and is part Forest Sprite. She could hike all day long.

That said, our daily hikes are mostly about having fun, being in the woods and doing something fun together. I cherish each day Holly remains cancer free, and am not taking a single one for granted.


KB Bear said...

That's the way to do it - live each day to the max with your sweet Holly. I hope that she remains healthy for a very loooong time!

Kim said...

Thanks KB :) Me too!