Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best Buddies, a Confession and a Problem

Holly has always been comfortable around Danee, but lately the two of them have become actual friends.

Normally I'd be filled with glee over Holly actually enjoying another dogs company all the time...but Holly's feelings towards Danee provide a bit of a conundrum for me.

Confession time. When I agreed to take Danee I knew she was sweet and would be a pretty easy fit for Holly and the cats. I also knew that her personality doesn't really mesh with mine...she's lovely, but she's just not my kind of dog at all. But I wanted to keep her out of the shelter and also work on fixing some of the habits she's learned over the years. I figured that if things didn't work between us I'd find her someone that appreciates all her and all of her smallness. That said, I also promised myself that I'd keep her for at least 3 months...time enough for her to adjust so I can get to know her real personality.

Those 3 months are almost up and I still don't feel that differently towards her. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with her, she's a joy to teach, she's a superstar at agility, and she "fits" into the house...even the cats like her! And she's easy...super 1000 times easier than living with Holly, or Casey, or any other dog I've known.

Sadly, I can't help feeling "meh" about her personality.

And here's my problem...Holly adores her. That's really saying something. Holly is very picky about her friends. My plan was to find another dog this upcoming winter. For years I've had my heart set on a heeler or heeler mix. But if Danee stays, that can't happen...I will not do 3 dogs. And if Danee left, that next dog might not be a great fit for Holly, or the cats, like Danee has been.

Maybe I'm just feeling that loss of that dream and unconsciously blaming Danee for it? Has anyone else felt this way about a dog that showed up in their life...a dog that they didn't get to choose? Am I just looking a gift horse in the mouth? Am I being an idiot?

Anyway, she's not going anywhere until I figure out how I feel...which will probably take several more months. Who knows, by then maybe Danee will have totally won me over like she has Holly.

All that aside, we are totally enjoying spring and all the outdoor fun that comes with it.

Look who is no longer hiding from the camera

Did you hear that? Ground squirrels are calling me!

Bonus picture of Raj. How could you not love this face?!


Lexi said...

I haven't ever been in a situation with not choosing a dog, I've chosen or been chosen by all of my dogs.

However, Demo wasn't my exact #1 choice for a dog. He came to me as an owner rehome where he wasn't given a job and had resorted to nipping and then biting the 4 young kids in the house. I had been looking for another dog, but the right one hadn't shown up in rescue yet, then I heard about Demo's situation and went to meet him. He had all the right drive, so I took a chance on him and brought him home.

He was insane, a 15 month old border collie who had no idea what to do with the thoughts going on in his head. He was physically exercised in his previous home, but like I said, had zero mental outlets. He never walked, he RAN everywhere and approached life at 2.8 ZILLION miles an hour ALL THE TIME.

He quite literally drove me crazy for MONTHS until he settled in and learned to walk, think, and chill. Luckily for him, he fit in with my pack very quickly, and won over Pan's heart (they're still an inseparable duo).

Even when he calmed down, it still took a pretty traumatic event when I thought he was going to die because he couldn't stop projectile vomiting last December before I actually felt a bond with him (this was after I owned him for 11 months).

Now, I can't imagine my life without him. He's my perfect sport dog, full of drive and attitude and ability.

Anyway, all of that to say I understand where you are coming from. The fact that the other members of your household have taken to her makes it much harder. Give her time, she may totally win you over. :)

Kim said...

Thanks Lexi, that definitely helps. My sister thinks that I'm so used to 'less than normal' dogs (aka the freaks), that I'm not sure what to do with Danee since she is so NORMAL! Honestly, she's a perfect keep wondering why I don't feel more bonded towards her. But I think you are right...I just need more time with her.

Breanna said...

Sissy is the perfect dog in almost every way but I didn't really have a close bond with her until this winter (2 years after we got her). It's hard to adjust to a new dog when you're used to other personalities/sizes/etc.

That being said, Chance our foster dog was wonderful but I never really dug him. I was happy to see him find a home and knew that our third dog would be a different one. I think that you shouldn't feel forced to keep Danee because she fits in with the pack. There may be a different dog out there that fits in just as well and is exactly what you want.

Kim said...

Thanks Bree. I didn't know you fostered...awesome!

I'm totally not used to her size, but I'm started to get used to that.

And I admit, I had real fun with teaching her and agility "get out" tonight...she's a fast learner and totally honest.

I think I just need to give her the summer and see if her personality grows on me. By then I should see every part of her personality.

Breanna said...

I think that sounds like an awesome plan, especially since you're on the fence :)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Sometimes it just takes time to really bond and connect.

But if you don't feel that connection then I wouldn't feel bad at all about finding that home that will get him that love he deserves. Holly will deal :) I'm pretty sure my Vito wishes he was an only dog but that's just not going to happen so he does a lovely job of tolerating all the foster pups.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Who even knew there was such a thing as an easy, normal dog!? I like to think I'd like to have one of those rare, mystical creatures some day...

This will work out one way or another. Time will tell, eh...

Kim said...

Thanks Laura...I kind of feel like I got Holly her own dog. I've done it before...I got Kya her own kitten, and Kettle worked out perfectly...eventually!

Thanks Mutts and a Klutz...And too right about the "normal" dog being a rare creature! After all my "challenge" dogs, I always thought I wanted a "normal" dog, now that I have one, I'm not so sure!

Time seems to be what I am needing with her.