Friday, April 19, 2013

Yard Games

Holly's doing her part to get in shape after so many months of down time. The goof stole my sneaker while I was lying in the grass (decompressing), and soaking up the sun in the yard after work yesterday.

I'm sure the video is cute only to me, but I'm sharing it anyways :)

Please ignore my goofy 'dog' voice...I was trying to get her to take off running with the shoe like she had been doing minutes before I turned the camera on. What is it about animals and cameras? The second you turn one on they immediately stop whatever cute thing they were doing!

Anyway, she thought she was so funny sneaking up, grabbing my sneaker and making several laps around the yard before rolling around like a goof with it. It's a pretty regular game. If I'm forgetful and leave dirty shoes on the porch, I nearly always find one of them out in the yard later. Funny thing though, she never steals shoes inside the house.

Enjoy the sun if you've got it...we got one cold but sunny day yesterday, and now we're back to nearly frozen and wet for the weekend.


Muttsandaklutz said...

It is cute when dogs do silly/naughty things like that! Walter's a shoe dog too... thankfully doesn't chew them, just likes to "steal" them and get a game of chase going :)

KB said...

It's funny how many of our dogs love our shoes. Shyla and R are shoe dogs. They take them to their beds and rest their chins on them. Very cute, just like your sweet Holly.

I was reading your past posts about Holly's knee. I wish that I had suggestions but it's one surgery that none of my dogs have had. I admire your patience and hard work with her.

I could tell from your bear comment on my blog that you know bears! You're absolutely right - as soon as the ladies are ready, Tiny will forget all about food. The odd thing about him, however, is that he seems to go someplace else for mating season. He just dens here... and then I'd love to know where he goes for mating season! (I have trail cams monitoring the main bear marking trees around here, and Tiny is conspicuously absent every year during the mating frenzy).

Kim said...

It's fun to hear that my girl isn't the only shoe stealer out there :)

Thanks KB! Yup I'm the bear biologist you talked with awhile back about one of your awesome photos of Tiny with the garbage can. Thanks for that too!