Sunday, March 10, 2013


It's been a week full of crazy here, but I guess I should take a moment to reintroduce Danee...formally known as Sasha. She's the new addition to my home and doing pretty well so far. She's a 5-yr old Jack Russell Terrier, and a pretty mellow girl considering what I've heard about terriers.

I will admit that I didn't want a second dog just now...and actually, I still don't. But Danee needs a home and I just can't see turning her away unless she doesn't fit in here. Can you say "sucker"?

So why the name change? Well, while Sasha is a perfectly lovely name, I felt that it didn't suit her at all. I thought of many new possible names, but have so far settled on Danee. It's a weird spelling I know, but I wanted to distinguish her as a girl instead of using the traditional spelling of "Danny" that's commonly a boys name.

Everything is going pretty smoothly so far...especially today. It's much quieter and calmer in the house today...and K if you're reading this, you now know why is quieter here!

Just look at the crazed, wild-eyed terrier on the left...that's Vanna, the other dog that came when I took in Danee. The calm looking one on the right? That's Danee. The difference between them is like night and day.

Vanna is super sweet and a hell of a great snuggler. But her energy level, which is stuck at mach 4 at all times, just isn't right for me. It's really not the kind of thing I enjoy in a dog. So, while I was happy to foster her for a time, I was also happy to see her go somewhere else.

And go she did...yesterday I transported Vanna to meet her new family. They seemed pretty happy as they drove away to start their new life with their very first terrier. Good Luck K and L!

Driving to meet Vanna's new family

I thought the lack of Vanna might upset Danee. Uh, no. Honestly, I think the girl was relieved. After I handed Vanna off to her new family, Danee laid down in the crate (probably thrilled not to have Vanna walking all over her for once) and took a relaxing nap in the sun...all the way back home.

Today I've kept it quiet. I introduced Danee to her first stuffed Kong this afternoon...which she is still busy with...

...we took a couple of walks and had a friend with her dogs stop by for play time (Danee knows them well from her former life as Sasha). The rest of the week will pretty much look like that. She needs quality 'settle in time' before I start asking anything from her. Don't get me wrong, she has loads that she needs to rushing through open doors, learning to settle on a bed, no cat chasing, no begging, no face licking (that rule starts immediately...yuck!). Ya know, basic stuff. After that, we'll see how things land.

My primary task is seeing that Danee and Holly get along, and have ample time to get to know each other. If things don't work out in that department (but it looks like they will), then Danee will continue on to a new home. I don't think it would be fair to ask either dog to stay in a home where they are stressed all the time, not when a stress-free and happy home can work out better. But as I said, I think things will be okay between the two of them...they certainly had a grand time playing a short game of "chase me" in they yard last night :)

I'll get more pictures I promise...and better ones too!

Holly will also start back up with treibball training this week. The snow finally gone from the yard and she can finally do some actual running. Whoop! The girl is finally getting stronger!

And here's a bad picture of Kya...because she felt that I needed her help with my post (and because she wanted my hot cocoa).


Ximena said...

Lol you would HATE Elli. She's a notorious face-licker. Not of me, strangely. But other people are like popsicles to her, haha.

I'm glad things look positive for Holly and Danee. Elli was really stressed when I puppy-sitted for 1.5days before Christmas; not sure how she'll do not being the apple of my eye one day.

YAY Treiball!

Kim said...

Of course it doesn't help that Danee's mouth smells like a sewer...she's going Wed to have a health checkup and probably be scheduled for a dental asap!

Holly doesn't do well with large dogs, but does strangely well with little dogs...I could never bring a same-sized dog into the house and expect it to go this well so quickly. Weird.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Ah yes, I certainly remember the mild form of chaos and overall busy-ness following the arrival of a new family member. So much to do without actually doing any "official" training... just getting everyone into the routine of things.

Hope everything continues to go well between the two of them. Walter is similar to Holly that way, much prefers little dogs to big ones :-)